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Hi everyone

When I use a view mode recordings, I can't use any trigger to play the media: I put a button "Play" that the leaner is supposed to click to play the demo, but in fact, as soon as the timeline starts, the demo is played automatically (at least the mouse cursor movements) before the learner click the button.

The problem is the mouse cursor : I can't find a way to add it a trigger to ask that it starts only when the learner has clicked my play button.

Is there any way to solve that ?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Benedicte,

If you're inserting a "View Mode" recording, it should be inserting as a single video on the slide, correct? If you don't want the video to play automatically, you should be able to click on the video and add a trigger that will pause the media when the timeline starts. Then add the play media trigger to the button you'd like to use.

It would look something like this:

However, it sounds like you may have the mouse showing up separately, is that right? 

Is it a Step-by-step recording, then?