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Antony Snow

Hi Mark,

When you have consecutive slides with a mouse cursor, SL will always start the cursor on the second slide at the end point on slide one.

However, if you insert a blank slide inbetween the two slides so you have three slides and set the 'next' trigger on slide one to jump to slide three instead of 'next slide', you should be able to 'break' the link between the cursors and re-position the cursor on slide three.

I hope this make sense!


Mark Brown

Thank you.

That worked.

It would be nice to have an option to 'continue from last position' or 'place your own starting position'.

Also, I really like the dim screen that the developer has for layers. I would like to see that expanded (future option) to use as a visual cue for learners. I would use it as a clean indicator for the end of the slide.  If you consider it, variable opacity levels would be the way to go.