Mouse cursor remains on screen

Aug 17, 2016

I've a mouse cursor effect to a slide. Although it only appears for a short time on the timeline, it remains visible for the duration of the slide. Is there no way to make it disappear (I've tried having a white shape appear over the mouse cursor at the appropriate time but the mouse cursor remains as the top layer in the timeline)?

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Brian McSkane

Hi Christie, yes that's the precise issue but there's no resolution so it's not really helpful. On that discussion Ashley suggests adding in a cursor manually rather than doing a screen recording. This is precisely what I did but again there's no way to prevent the mouse from showing during the entire timeline. Also on that discussion it looks like Elena submitted a feature request for this to be resolved 3 years ago but still nothing? Regards, Brian

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

There isn't a change yet to the behavior and although the feature request was submitted some time ago, that doesn't indicate a status of where it stands in terms of inclusion in a new update/release. We don't have a public roadmap of those things, so we always encourage folks to submit if it's something they'd like to see as the more users asking for something is always a piece that impacts our Product Development teams planning. 

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