Mouse Hovered Over and Adjust Variable

May 07, 2013

Hi there.  I'm a new Storyline user and I'm just trying to understand the following.

I put a graphic "Hover for a Hint" on a slide with a trigger that shows a hint caption by changing its state from hidden to normal and restore on mouse leave.  Works perfectly as you would expect.

Then I decided that I wanted to track the total number of "hint requests" so I created a TotalHint variable and added another trigger to the same graphic which has the action "adjust variable" by adding 1 when "mouse hovered over" event occurs.

When I mouse over the graphic it adds 1 to the variable HintTotal as you would expect.  However, when I "mouse out"  it also adds 1 to HintTotal.  This is unexpected (at least to me) as the trigger is "Mouse hovered over".

I ended up deslecting Restore on mouse leave and it now works properly.  However, I still don't understand. 

Can someone provide an explanation?

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Michael!

I believe this may be because of the way the hover is triggered. How about applying the variable to the hover state of the object itself? This seems to work very well. 

You could set it up like this:

This way, each time the state for that object changes to "Hover", the variable is appropriately adjusted. 

And here's the trigger in action:

Example for Michael - Hover Variable

This should work the way you'd like it to. However, if you have any trouble, just let me know.


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