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Len Hack

This is very common, you can tweak it using Action Fine Tuning.

Right click on the recording in question and use the previous/next frames at the bottom to set the first and last frame of your recording. its a fiddly job but not difficult. 

I recommend you click OK everysoften and save just in case anything goes wrong and you're working on a long simulation. Been there, done that...not fun!

Terra Cotta

Hi Len, thank you!  I guess I must not be that skilled at using AFT - I have already  tried it and I can't seem to time it correctly with my mouse.  It seems to want me to move either first or last frame - but if the "out of sync" with the mouse behavior happens in the middle, then I am not sure how to adjust  perhaps there is a good tutorial that can show me.  it isn't easy, as you noted.