Mouse over Interaction

I am trying to build and interaction with two graphics (side-by-side).

When you click one graphic the other becomes hidden and text from a different layer appears, and vice versa (different text box on a different layer).

I have all of the above working, but I need the interaction to be conditional to the mouse being over the graphic, as I want the interaction to stop and go back to two graphic images when the mouse moves away from the first image that was clicked on.

To further complicate mattes, I want an voice over audio file to play when an image has been clicked on, and another one when the other image file is clicked on - audio must stop when moving the mouse off, with the rest of the interaction.

I had this done in Captivate, less the audio, but I'm guessing there is a way to make it happen in Storyline.

Is this doable, and if so how? Thanks in advance.


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Phil Mayor

One one of the images add a trigger to show layer (with your text on) when mouse hovered over.

On the layer with your text go to the timeline and click on the arrow to show the base layer objects and make the image you want to disappear invisible

Add your audio to the layer with a trigger to play audio when the layer timeline starts.

When you hover on the image, the other image will hide, the text will show and the audio will play (when you mouse off the image, the other image will reappear and the text and audio will disappear).

Now just copy that for image 2