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Apr 17, 2014


I need to open a popup on Mouse over on Button and close the popup on Mouse out. and Button should be visited once the popup visited.

I have done it by the trigger "Mouse hovered over" and check the check box of "Restore on mouse leave".

The button is going to over state on mouse over and popup opens. on mouse out on the button popup is closed and button is going to Normal state.

Now my problem is, Button should go to Visited state once the mouse over and out (User visited the Popup). It working very fine in Click event but not working in the "Mouse hovered over".

Is it the Storyline default?

Can we do that by any other way?

Any idea can help.

Thank you very much in Advance.


Brajesh Singh

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Michael Hinze

A button's Visited state by default is triggered by a click. When you roll over a button, its state changes to Hover, when rolling off, the state changes back to Normal. That is the default behaviour.

One possible option to display the button's Visited state when rolling off, is to use the popup's states to set a variable and based on the variable changing, set the Visited state. See attached a quick example. Hope that's what you wanted.

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