Mouse over on text and hotspot not working properly

Jun 02, 2017


Already i raised the issue about mouseover for a text not working in html5. And the answer is better to use hotspot until fix the issue.

Now we are facing the problem on using hotspot for a text. If the slide contains too much text, we are using scrolling panels. But not able to group the hotspot with the textboxes, to keep in scrolling panel. 

First  we grouped the text boxes and moved to scrolling panel and then hotspot. The issue is if we scroll the text, hotspot also scrolls but mouse over is not working on the word. It will works only the place where we have kept first time. 

Reply on this.



Chandrasekhar M.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chandra,

Was this also in Storyline 3? I know I've seen the hotspot in a scrolling panel  not work in earlier versions of Storyline - and the suggestion at that time was to use a transparent shape vs. a hotspot. The shape could also then be grouped with other items and would behave exactly as a hotspot (ability to add triggers, make it invisible to the user, etc.). 

Also, the mouse over issue is something we're working on where the hyperlink hover trigger does not open a layer in HTML5. 

Let me know if you need anything else! 

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