Mouse pointer not changing to the hand on hover interaction

Oct 21, 2016


I have created slide that shows layers when various pieces of art are hovered over. The functionality of displaying and hiding the layers works perfectly, however, the mouse icon does not change to the hand, indicating interactivity. It stays as the default arrow.

Am I missing a setting?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard
Heather Vogt

I'm having the same problem, and I've been having it for awhile. For this project, I want the interactivity to speak for itself ("Hey! My cursor is a hand. What can I interact with?!") rather than giving explicit instructions ("Hover over...").

I just updated SL 360 and am only in preview mode; the regular cursor does not change to hand at all in preview mode.

Link to slide in Review (No hand cursor in IE; IE is my end-user's default browser.):

Attached is the slide. 

Thanks for any insight!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Heather, 

Thanks for the explanation and sample .story file so that I could take a look.

You're running into the expected behavior. A hand cursor implies a clickable link, but you only have a rollover/hover, which is not the same. The hand cursor could imply a link, but then it would not work.

For example, I've added a trigger to your center image, and you can see that the cursor changes to a hand.

Heather Vogt

So it's the trigger, not the Hover state, that makes the hand appear? Makes sense to me! Thanks!

UPDATE: Maybe it doesn't make sense to me because I added triggers to my images so, when the user hovers over them with the mouse, the image changes to the Hover state; the hand cursor still doesn't show up.

This may be the key to my misunderstanding: "The hand cursor could imply a link, but then it would not work." but I don't know what you mean.

Review here: (While I *hate* using IE - the wipe animation doesn't work in IE - that's my users' default browser; I don't see the hand cursor or the animation in IE.)

Project attached.



Vincent Scoma

Hey Erica,

Thank you for reaching out! Just to make sure I am on the same page, you are not wanting the hand icon to appear? 

With your permission, could you share your files in this thread for review further? You can also share your file privately with our Support Engineers. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look.

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