Mouse size

I'm developing training for use on a tablet and want to simulated a hand moving over the screen to tap a location on my simulation, with the hand in somewhat the correct scale to the tablet screen size. Since Storyline doesn't have any motion features to speak of I thought I'd make a mouse pointer from my hand graphic. I was able to create the .cur file however Storyline reduces the size to 32x32 px.  When I open the size and position option for the mouse, the size settings are grayed out.  Does anyone know any other method that would allow changing the mouse size? Or a graceful way to create the motion of a hand over the project screen?  



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wayne empson

Peter, Thanks for the suggestion. I did see that post, we are trying to avoid using flash base content. Our IT staff has decided that since flash for mobile devices will eventually go away, they've asked us not to develop anything with Flash.  I wish Storyline would add motion support, that would work better for what I'm trying to do.