Move Animation Not Showing Path When Dragged

May 22, 2015

Hello. When I setup Move triggers, sometimes it shows me where the object will be moved to, and sometimes it does not when I am adjusting the move animation or maybe making a correction to it later. Also, that preview is almost too faint to be seen at all, which makes it near impossible to place the object at the precise area of the slide that you need it.

For the first issue, I believe this is a bug and needs fixing. For the second issue, I realize this may work as intended, but it makes using Move animations too clumsy and awkward to use for certain types of training such as software training where you need the objects to appear at a precise location at a certain time. The Move animation would otherwise be perfect for showing the relationships between different bits without the screen clutter. What is needed is a precision box allowing me to specify screen coordinates of where I want the object to move to.

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