move back and forward only for the viewed slides

Hey Guys,

I wish I could move back and forward only for the viewed slides (for the entire timeline).
In addition I would lock, from the menu, all slides not yet viewed.

I can implement this logic using the default player?

at this moment, I managed to lock the slides not yet viewed through a variable. The problem is the menu, the menu must be visible but I can't allow to select the slides not yet viewed.

I am attaching an example that I made quickly



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Pino Macaluso

I want to use the default SL player, but if I set a restricted menu

(tab HOME->Player->Menu->Additional options->Navigation Restriction = Restricted)

the next buttons is clickable but it still does not work after the timeline ends

I attach a test with restricted menu.

What am I doing wrong?



but if I want to create my buttons back and next to realize the logic described in the first post, I have to make use of the variables?


Thanks for your help

Wendy Farmer

Hi PIno

see if this works how you want. 

It is set up in the slide properties to advance by user.  There is a trigger on each slide to jump to next slide when timeline ends.  The player is set to 'restricted' so they can't use the next to jump ahead but they can use previous to view slides that have already been visited.