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Can layers from one SL2 slide be easily dragged/dropped, copied/pasted to another slide?  Sometimes I build a slide with many layers and extensive interactivity, then decide it would be better to split those layers up over multiple slides.  Aside from Ctrl+A / Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V (which doesn't always translate), can layers be moved to a different slide?  Thanks, Heroes!

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Chris Barnett

Thank you for the replies and links to other threads: I am baffled that my search for "copying layers" didn't return ANY of those threads?!?!

Walt, I saw your reply to a similar question and found it most helpful, so thought I'd share (paraphrase) it here (in case anyone else needs it):

        While viewing the layer you want to copy, click the "Copy selected layer" icon, found underneath the listing of layers (3rd icon from left).  Navigate to the slide to which you want to add the layer, and click the "Paste layer" icon (same location, 4th icon from the left).

One of those basic features I had overlooked!  Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ha - it's not a secret, just not an official site. :-) One of our engineers created in during a Hackathon for the older version of ELH where the search wasn't nearly as robust. The searching capabilities now should be a lot better - but again it's all about what and how you search. Did you use the quotation marks Chris? Did you try just "copy layer" instead of "copying" ? 

Chris Barnett

Thanks, Ashley! I tried several search iterations but not sure which ones at this point. I may have forgotten to use the quotes this time. Never fear, though, Heroes are always willing to help (even if it means they are repeating themselves) :S Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Not to worry Chris - if you don't find it, we can always help hunt it down.

I did also just want to let you know that responding via email includes your signature here, so you may want to look at editing the post to remove that information. Once you visit the thread you'll see the option for "edit" just below your last response.

Chris Barnett

Thank you again, Ashley, I usually respond directly on the thread but that "Reply" button on the email notification is so darn convenient!  :(

Hmm, I wonder if that auto-email could be edited to include a notification / reminder of that fact?  I've seen that reminder posted in Staff members' replies quite often, so it seems adding it up-front might save the Staff some time!