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Feb 18, 2016

My work laptop is being upgraded to another  work laptop due to hardware problems. How do I move the existing license over to the new laptop?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ally!

Looks like Scott has you covered here, but in case you would like to use your 2nd instance as well then here is how to transfer your Articulate license from one computer to another:

1)  Make sure your original computer is connected to the Internet.

2)  Uninstall your Articulate software from your original computer. This releases the license activation.

3)  Then install your Articulate software on your new computer and activate it with your serial number.

Joyce Ritchey

It has been a two years since my company purchased the Articulate Storyline 2, I seem to recall that the initial installation was done via online. I remember that we have two license and are only using one.  So based on your previous answer to uninstall the software on my old PC and install it on my new PC, I would be saving my 2nd license if needed in the future?  How do I install the software on the new PC and how do I save my current files to transfer them?

Ally K

I am not sure if you meant to send this to someone called Joyce.

I did ask a question about licenses a long time ago - can't remember when.

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