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Peter Vajda

happy Monday,

they can be daunting  ,Leslie,  e.g., how does one learn the functionality of  "control loses focus?"


also a variable question I posted a few days back, unanswered,

so, continuing with references, I want to use this function on the same slide. When I drag the food  to the hot spot, I want the # of calories to show. There is no text entry; it's there already. It's not working; the # of calories already appears before I drag the item. I know I'm off but I don't know where or why.

I also don't understand why my attached files sometimes are not attached.

here's what I'm attaching. The *.story file. Is that correct. let's see if it comes through.

Thank you.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter! Yes, looks like I missed this post as we must have posted very close together. I see it now.

A reference on 'control loses focus' would be this thread I think.

I'm not sure that I understand about your files not attaching as you seem to be doing a great job there.

I'm thinking you have a goal like the attached when it comes to your Calorie question, so I invite you to take a look at the slide and the triggers.

Peter Vajda

OK, Leslie, I'm recreating the calories slide (in above comment) and have some questions:

1. how do I get the slide to form view? Can't remember.

2. when you create a hot spot (around the food items), how do the items know to go back to their original spot and not an inch away? 

3. what is the English translation of "drop correct?"

I'll have more. And, thanks.




Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter! 

I will use images to explain as I thought that might be best :)

1.Use the right sidebar to move between Form and Slide View.

2. The behavior of the interaction is dependent upon the options you set via Form View and in this case you can see they are set to return to start:

3. I'm assuming you're asking what that means, in layman's terms? It's simply the naming convention assigned to the objects state. Yours might differ:

Hope that helps!

Peter Vajda

Thanks, Leslie.

What I missed is that  I need to go to insert first to create to form view. got it.

ditto the drag and drop option. but in your slide I can drag the item back to its original position unless I hit retry...

if I use another  name other than correct, will the functionality change? 

(BTW, what do you use to attach screen grabs here; I cannot with the tool I use, hmmm)

Thank you.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter! I'm not sure what you are referring to with the dragging item back statement?

If you change the name of the state, then the trigger will have to change to be that name as well. Drop correct was used in this instance because it's a drag and drop interaction.

For screen grabs, I personally use PhotoScape and then attach the image via 'Insert an Image' in the reply here.

Leslie McKerchie

Okay Peter, these triggers are what is driving the calorie count. 

So, the images you shared:

Change the state of the fish to 'Drop Correct' if object dropped on the plate. 

Change the state of the fish to 'Normal' if object dropped back on the hotspot (original location).

This is so that the user can place and remove items on the plate prior to submission.

If you scroll down to the triggers on the submit button, you will find that 106 will be added to calories when state of fish is equal to drop correct, which means it's on the plate, right?

Leslie McKerchie

The triggers were not completely defined (the last section for 'dropped on'), there was not an initial value set for the calorie count, and the text box had spaces in it instead of being center aligned. I simply copied the box from the original slide.

Your updated file is attached, I only looked at the milk as you indicated and you can see the changes made.

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