Move the playhead in the timeline, like you can do in Flash


I looked through previous posts about moving the play head and I haven't seen any that I think apply to my question. I'd like to be able to manually move the play head like you can do in Flash.

I have an animated numbered list. As the topic in the list is discussed, I want the visited topic name to change color, so I need to know exactly where it is on the screen. If I could manually move the play head, I could be more exact with where I place the topic name with a different color.

Make sense?

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Jason Reed

Hi Cindy,

Do you mean you want to move the playhead on the timeline when you're building a slide? This should be easy to do. You can just click anywhere along the top of the timeline to put the playhead where you'd like.

Or do you mean you want to move the playhead when you're previewing a slide? A bit like scrubbing through a video. For this you could turn on the seek bar in the player settings and make sure you have the option clicked to allow user to drag seekbar.

Does this help or have I not understood the question? :)


Not quite, although thank you for your suggestions. I've attached a file with the slide I'm attempting to describe. I'm building a 7 module course, where each module discusses one strategy out of 7. So, each module builds on the previous one. This slide is in every module, because it introduces each strategy. The strategy that represents the one the module will discuss is to change color from black to blue, indicating it is the one we'll talk about. The previous modules in the list turn gray indicating the learner already completed them.

My challenge is that I'm having a heck of a time lining up the strategy titles in this slide that have to change color. So I wanted to be able to scrub the time line to the point at which they are in the spot where I replace the text with the same text, different color.

I think the attached file will help you to understand what I'm trying to do!!

Jason Reed

Hi Cindy,

I think I see what's going on. Because you're using motion paths to animate the titles into place, it's hard to predict exactly where the titles will end up. So when you go to replace it with blue text, it's not in the same position. Is that right?

I have three possible solutions for you:

1. I think the easiest will be to create a new state for the title (in this case 4) that is bold and in blue. Then you just need a trigger that says: Change state of Title 4 to Blue State when Timeline reaches 8.5 seconds. That means your title will be in the exact same spot.

2. You could take a screen shot of the slide when the initial titles are in place so you have their position. Then add this screen shot to the slide, make it partially transparent and you can then use it as a guide to put everything where it needs to go.

3. If you change the way the titles animate onto screen to something like Float In, you can achieve a similar effect, but the advantage will be that your titles are all easily located while you're building.

I hope one of these helps. Let me know if I'm off the mark :)