Movie Quality

I am having some issues with movie quality on the final exported product.

the issue: The lose of clarity of the video when it is exported (about 30% or more)(Fuzzy)

Anyone have any sugestions?

 Here is what I have tryed.

I have tried all the formats (even MP4)

I have tried the quality setting during export (advance option)

I have tried different sizes (the movie is 1024-768)

The movie was recorded during an Adobe connect session and converted to MP4 (it looks very clear)

I have done other movies and have had no real quality loses, so I am puzzled on this one.

Any suggestion are welcomed,

Thank you for your time,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Anthony,

As you'll see described here Storyline compresses videos automatically and there are a number of users who suggest replacing the video file in the published output with the original as described here, although please keep in mind that is an unsupported method. 

Additionally, I know users have request it as a feature to be able to keep the original video quality.