Moving A Picture Within a Shape

I inserted a picture into a circle (shape) but the model's head is cut off.  Is there a way I can move the picture within the shape so I can see the model's face?  Sort of like Crop where I can move the picture around but I don't know how to move a picture within the shape?  Not sure if I'm being clear?  Is this possible?



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Rachel Ingram

Hi Wayne, if you right-click on the shape, select "Format Shape" and select the "Fill" tab on the left, you'll get some options that may help you. If you select the "Tile picture as texture" checkbox, you should be able to move the image up-or-down and right-or left by adjusting "Offset X" and "Offset Y."

Another option is to edit the image in another program so that it's cropped the way you want it and has the same dimensions as your shape.

Ryan Sanga

Hi Wayne,

You can use 'Format Shape' by right clicking on the Circle. On the 'Fill' Tab, select 'Picture or Texture Fill. From there you can either choose a pre-loaded texture or you can Insert from a file or your clipboard (when you used Print Screen or copy).

You can use the Offsets to adjust/move your image. Take note that you need to add/subtract the opposite Offset variables (Left and Right, Top and Bottom) to prevent stretching the image.

Hope this helps. Cheers!