Moving an object move than a pixel at a time

Aug 05, 2014

An easy one:

There must be a way to do this? I want to move an object more than one pixel at a time. I do this often in other programs by holding down the ctrl or alt key then clicking the arrow to move larger increments, usually 10 pixels at a time. Is there such a way in Storyline, I find I am wanting this most everytime I work in Storyline. Perhaps I have a setting wrong, but my objects only move a pixel per arrow click no matter what I seem to try.


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

and, to add on to what Lance has said, and to summarize some of the instructions Ashley has linked you to

You can move objects, "as you wish" by holding the ALT key down while you drag, thus "overriding the grid-set pixels"


You can change the default setting for the gridlines so when you use your arrow key objects move in larger increments. The default spacing is 8 px, as you can see in the screen shot below, but you can increase that.

Apologies if none of us are getting at what you're trying to do@

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