Moving between Scenes


I want to jump from a timeline point in Scene 1 to the start of the timeline in Scene 2 and then, when Scene 2 has run its course, return to the timeline point  at which I left Scene 1.

Is this possible?


Arthur Loughran

PS I can jump back and forth to timeline points in a slide if I use a layer as the target (thanks to Michael Hinze) but not scenes.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Arthur,

You can do this for a slide by adjusting your slides to "Resume Saved State" when revisiting.

For a scene, you'd probably have to use some more compicated logic, but it depends on your branching.

Generally speaking, you'd have to do something similar to this :

A) Create a number (or text) variable (say "scene1progress").

B) Add a trigger to adjust the variable scene1progress to value 1,2,3 and so on when timeline starts on each slide in scene 1.

C) Modify your element in Scene 2 (whether that is a button or something else) that you want returned to scene 1, and add multiple triggers to that element in the form of : Jump to "Slide 1.1 when user clicks if variable scene1progress=1", and then keep adding triggers accordingly on the same element (Jump to "Slide 1.2 when user clicks if variable scene1progress=2" and so on).

If you don't already have these Scene 1 slides set to "Resume Saved State", do so now, otherwise you're probably good to go.

Hope this helps,