Moving from Studio 13 to Storyline 360

Hey All!,

Well, the Adobe Flash heading out the door as well as support for Studio 13 with regards to Flash, it's a good time to get started with Storyline 360.

Is there an 'easy' way to convert our courses in the short term?  Then we can go back and redesign our courses strictly in Storyline.  Any pitfalls I need to be away of?  We have over 160 modules that make up several of our courses so this is going to be a MASSIVE undertaking!

We are using Moodle for our courses if that makes a difference.


Thanks for any insight and input!


All the best,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dave,

I can see that Judy has popped in to help you with a great suggestion here. Based on the volume, it may be best to do a 1:1 and upgrade to Presenter 360, so I wanted to share the documentation for you or anyone following along:

How to Upgrade a Course to Presenter 360

Of course, you can also import the content into Storyline 360 if you prefer:

Importing Slides from PowerPoint