Moving hotspots above video

Hello everyone,


Lately I received a question about adding interactivity to a video. The intention is to show specific information of the object when the mouse hoovers over this object in a video.


To do so, I have added new layers with pictures of the objects and I created hotspots on the video. Each hotspot is connected to a trigger, that shows the connected picture when the mouse hoovers over the hotspot. And it is possible to add another trigger when the user clicks, but that is not my main problem.


Where I get stuck, is in the movement of the video. For example, the video contains three houses. Unfortunately the position of these houses change, because the video is made with a drone. Therefore the position of the hotspots should move along, but they are static. The only solution I have found so far is to create a number of hotspots for the same object and limit their time within the range of movement of the object. As soon as the camera position changes, I need to create another hotspot.


It works, but it takes a lot of time and I hope there is another solution. Is there any option within articulate storyline that allows hotspots to follow a certain path that is more or less similar to the movement on the video? That would be something like adding markers to the video and connect them with the hotspot.


Perhaps there is a different or an easier way to reach the same effect? If anyone has a suggestion how to solve this, I would be much obliged.


Thanks in advance for your expertise!


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Michael Hinze

You could try using a motion path animation to move the hotspot in synch with the video. This may make it somewhat easier to manage the hotspots.

I'd love to see your drone video. I have been experimenting with drones myself and used some of the videos in Storyline. Here is just one example.

Johan Visser

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your advice, which is exactly what I was looking for. Somehow
I missed that completely, because I am a relatively inexperienced user of

The video of the drone has to be made yet. The company that is supposed to
make this video will only get the commission when they can add
interactivity to it. That's where I come in and I am trying to find
practical solutions to make it work like they want to. Your advice might
just make the difference between a Go and a No go.

The video itself will probably not be as spectacular as you hope for. It is
going to be a one minute overview of a company property where different
building and their use are displayed. If you want to receive a notification
when things have turned out well, I can send you a message..? Just let me

I have watched your video/project and it looks really cool. Personally I
have no experience with making video's let alone using a drone. When viewing
I wondered how you can stabilize the drone to make the footage smooth to
look at. But perhaps that may be one of your concerns too.


Johan Visser

Christie Pollick

Hi, Johan -- As you mentioned you might like to reach out to Michael in the future when you have made more progress on your course, you would be welcome to share with him directly using the 'Contact Me' link on his profile page (but you are certainly always encouraged to share your file here in the thread so that others in the community may benefit and/or chime in with their thoughts, as well). :)