Moving "My Documents" from its default location causes Articulate LMS-Zip Output to Crash PC (Win 7)

Dec 03, 2014

Just wanted to share that I was able to fix this hard-crash issue. 

Not sure the reasons behind this... but here's my scenario. 

  1. Was using Google Drive to keep my working files "backed up" and in sync with web folders out in Google Drive. 
  2. So, I moved my "My Documents" folder from its default Windows location to a different folder location where Google Drive folder is.
  3. Everytime I tried to use LMS Output > Zip function, would crash-hard my system. Forcing me to do a hard shutdown.
  4. Anyways, fix, was to restore My Documents folder to its initial and default Windows location. And voila! No crashing...
  5. Hope that all makes sense.  
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