Moving on in presentation after a trigger takes you to a website

Hi.  I have inserted a picture into a slide and converted it to a trigger that takes the learner to a Youtube website.  The intent is that the learner watches the video and then returns (manually) to the trigger slide, clicks 'next' and moves on to the next slide.  But when the learner returns and clicks 'next' nothing happens.  The trigger slide in story view shows alink to a chain symbol.  The next slide is there but not linked to the trigger slide. I can get to it using the menu, but really want to use the 'next' button on trigger slide.  Assistance appreciated.

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Meryem M

Click on the chain symbol.  You should see a pop-up with options for linking that slide to your next slide.  Also, after you click on that slide in story view, look in the sidebar.  Make sure the option for the Next button is checked in the lower section of the sidebar.  In the top section, you should see a section for Player Triggers.  Edit the Player Trigger for "when user clicks the Next button."