Moving Results Slide Deletes Variables in SToryline 3

I don't remember running into this problem before. I have a project with multiple results slide. When I move a result slide to another scene, the variables for that result slide disappear.

I know I can create a new results slide, but why do the original variables go away just because the slide was moved? I move it with the questions so they should still be connected.

Is this normal or have I found a glitch?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Jeffrey! Thanks for reaching out here, and I'm really sorry you ran into this issue. 

I see that we have a bug logged for Storyline 3 where moving the results slide to another scene loses all of the variables associated to it.

I'll update our report to include your thread. That way, as soon as the fix is released, you'll be notified immediately.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for bringing this to our attention as well, Jeffrey! I do not see any reported issues about that, so I'd love to get your course into the hands of my team. If you're able to share your file through that link, we're more than happy to dig into those slides to see what is happening and if there is a connection between both issues.

I'm sorry you've been dealing with these uncanny issues, but hopefully we can offer some help!

Mark Banit

Experiencing the same issue with Storyline 360. I cut quiz questions and the accompanying Results slide and pasted into a new scene, and upon doing so my Results slide is now missing the default variables for determining whether to show the Success or Failure layers... even when I go into manually add them in, "Results.ScorePoints" and "Results.PassPoints" are not even in the last if variables available to select from. Why is this?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Mark!

Unfortunately, we've also seen this bug occur in Storyline 360! I'm adding your comments to the report so that we can continue looking into the nature of this bug.

One workaround is to recreate the results slide, which I understand can be a tedious task! I'll return to this discussion if I hear of an update.

Jeffrey Riley

I agree that his issue has returned. I reported it a year ago and am getting the same results. If I move, copy, or change a results slide it causes the slide to not count any points even though I answer all of the questions correctly. 

I have also been recreating results slides. This is a bigger problem because it is happening in a course where I customized the results slides. I have to create a new slide and rebuild all the customization. Bummer when I am doing 6 projects.

I hope Articulate is able to solve this quickly.