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Aug 30, 2012

I want to create a "for more information" box that's off the edge of the slide except for a little tab, and when the user hovers over the tab the entire box moves into view. I can make it just APPEAR, but I think it's less jarring for the user if it moves into view. Is this possible? I know storyline doesn't do motion paths at the moment (although hopefully they fix that soon!!)

In regards to a different question, someone posted the work he had done: I want to do something like this (click on one of the numbered options, then rollover the numbers on the right). If I could remember who posted this, I would just ask him directly, but I don't.

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Eric Nalian

Hey Katie,

Here is a previous post to get you started -

To do the fading, it takes a little bit of tomfoolery, however it is possible:

  • On the layer where the new stuff is going to appear, do not have it start at the very beginning of the timeline, give it like 1/10th of a second (I do not know the exact time...).
  • Add an animation to the objects you would like to appear - Do a 'Very Slow Fade In' from the direction the thing is coming in.

I have an example of this where a panel comes in when a button is clicked, when I finish the project I am currently working on I'll post it here.

Let me know if you need any more information


Katie Venit

Thanks Eric. Unfortunately, that link doesn't work..

That's a great idea. I'm definitely getting closer. What's happening right now is when I hover over the tab, the info box layer does a jutterbug and isn't able to get all the way in. It seems it can't move past my mouse. It works when I put the trigger to start on click, but not on hover over.

Here's my rehearsal file, just trying to figure out the concept.

Eric Nalian

Hey Katie,

I just took a look at your file - the hover does not work because as soon as the object on the new layer appears, and the mouse touches the 'Info Box' the tab closes.

You can do two things:

  1. Move the 'Info Box' to show up under the tab
  2. Change it to 'Show layer when clicked'

Try this link:

Katie Venit

Thanks, everyone. After looking at Phil's demo, I see that the only thing I was doing wrong is that the starting shape, the tab, needs to be arranged in front of the info box that comes in. When the info box was trying to come in on top of the starting shape, the hover stopped working. For me, I think doing it as states rather than layers will be easier.

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