Moving scenes in Story view

Feb 13, 2014

Morning all.  This one seems like the most simple thing in the world, but one that I've always struggled with.  How do we re-number scenes in Story view?  For example, some of my more recent products have required an update 6 months post-publishing to incorporate new regulatory change, which has meant a new scene to be introduced.  Whilst the triggers that allow the story to move from scene to scene mean I can put the scene where it needs to be, I would ideally like to actually change the automatic numbering.  For example, if I have a story with 12 scenes, and the new scene needs to be inserted to be the new number 3, I want to re-number the existing 3 to 12, so that they are now 4 - 13.  Does that make sense?

At the end of the day, it doesn't make any difference to the product, but for handover to the client and export to MS Word, it does make it cleaner and easier.

Thoughts? Thanks!  Mara

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Tamara Robertson

Thanks, but that one doesn't help unfortunately.  I have the same unresolved issue as many of the other people 're the word exporting. And cutting and pasting is not really an option, although I have used this before. I have close to 600 slides, more than 4000 triggers, and over 200 variables in this one. It is really complex and has had so many iterations it's just crazy. With the extensive regulatory references and changes I need to publish to word for legal sign off and I hate having to reformat and sort it every time. 

I find when I cut and paste that many of the triggers lose their referencing, and with so many it's a nightmare to track what is and isn't working. And trying to remember where everything pointed, particularly as you can't export the trigger list.

Thank you. But still looking for any more ideas???

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