Moving slider based on variable adjustment

Feb 12, 2015


I've built a slide that has a slider and multiple layers. As the slider is moved a layer is presented. Once all of the layers have been visited I want the slider to automatically move to the final position. I've been trying to do this by adjusting the slider variable on the final layer so that the slider is moved to the final position when the timeline on the final layer starts. I can't get it to work. When I go back to the slider from the final layer, it hasn't moved at all. In my variables list, 4 of them are slider variables but I only have one slider in my entire presentation. I was assuming I just needed to adjust the slider variable that shared the same name as the slider variable in the slider toolbar. Is that wrong? What does the slider variable trigger need to look like in order to get the slider to move on its own? (I've tried adding 1 value, having it equal the value of the final position...) not understanding where I'm messing it up. Thanks for your help! 

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Stephanie Schneider

Thanks so much for your help! I just removed the one scene from my presentation that is having the issue. The idea is that after the "verdict" layer the character should be automatically moved to the final position which is under the image of the courthouse and her state should change to the thumbs up (which works I just can't automatically get her to the courthouse). 

This is the first time I'm trying to share something here through Dropbox so I'm not sure if I did it right but here's the link to my story file:

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