Moving through multiple slide layers

I have a slide that has a base layer and 3 slide layers. I'd like the user to click through all 3 slide layers before moving on to the next slide. I'm looking for advice on how to advance to the next slide layer using the built in Next button. I can't figure out how to set a trigger for the next button on a slide layer. I've seen other threads talking about adding a LayerCount slide trigger, but also can't figure out where to add that on the base layer. Any help is appreciated. 

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Walt Hamilton

You can't use the built-in NEXT button for this without a LOT of work setting and keeping track of where you are, because all the layers are considered part of the base slide, which can have only 1 NEXT button. So you can't put the NEXT button on a specific layer. Like I said, you could keep track of where you are and write a bunch of triggers with conditions for it, but I wouldn't.

I would hide the built-in NEXT button, and create a custom button on the base and each layer. They could look the same, and be in the same place, but each would have a simple trigger: show layer (Next layer in order).

If you HAVE to use the built-in button, check out the attached story. It only has a NEXT button, and if you also want the built-in PREVIOUS button to work, you need to create the triggers and condition checking for it.

In short, I recommend either using slides instead of layers, or using custom buttons.