Moving vs. Copying Slides into Question Banks

Working on my first Storyline project. I've created several questions banks and question slides to be drawn from. I'm wondering about the pros and cons of moving vs. copying my question slides into the question banks. Seems like I'd want to move them so as not to have multiple versions of the question. Any reason why I would want to copy and keep both the original and the one in the question bank?


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Greg Faust

Depending on your workflow, there could be reason to keep the extra version. In general, though, I'd be inclined to declare one and only one copy of record and to delete unused versions. It's:

  • Easier when a question needs to be edited
  • Less data storage required
  • Less confusing when I want to look up the newest version (e.g. to use it in another project)

Of course, you'll want to be sure that copy of record is backed up and secure, but that would be true even if you retained the extra version.

NOTE: Do NOT move or copypaste from one .story to another. Use the Import tool. There's a known issue where Storyline loses information when you copypaste entire slides. My personal experience is that, if I hit "Copy" and then too quickly go to paste, it seems like the copy operation was only half done, so the pasted slide may be missing triggers or resources. So, Copy/Paste does work much of the time, but the Import tool is considered more reliable.

I have not had problems moving slides within a story (e.g. by dragging and dropping in Story view).

Nicole Legault

Hey there David!

Thanks for posting your question. I agree with Greg. Generally I think it's a better idea to "Move" and not "Copy", so you don't create a duplicate slide that also needs to be edited if anything changes. Just creates more work. Since you're working with question banks, thought I would share a few links to some recent articles I wrote about working with Banks:

Hope this helps =)