mp3 and avi playing at same time

I believe I know the answer to this but need verification to support my argument at the office before I pitch it. We have a developer who is running a slide with an .mp3 asset at the exact same time as an .avi asset. When the lesson was published and tested as an .exe everything worked for the developer. But when we published for HTML5 so that the lesson will play on iPads the mp3 audio file will not play and the .avi animation does play during tests. I believe this is due to HTML only being able to play one of these assets at a time and the .avi is stepping on the .mp3 but need verification to make sure I am correct. Personally I myself would never have considered running an audio file at the same time as a video file but am being told it is possible. Can someone provide additional info or direction for this situation?

Thank you, Oli

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Oliver Stankovsky

Hi Ashley,

We're having a similar issue with another lesson. One of our instructional designers (ID) has tried placing a graphic over a video while that video was still running. The graphic will not play when published to HTML5 and I believe it to be the same issue where only one media file at a time can be played. Is that assumption correct? I have recommended to the ID to have our media producer complete the edit and then replace the video.