MP4 audio issues (only when published for LMS)

Hi, I have an MP4 video clip that previews fine in Articulate 360, works great when published to Articulate Review, but when published for LMS and uplaoded to the LMS the audio associated with that clip is completely static-y and no words are audible. I have 4 or 5 other short video clips in this eLearning and all the other ones are perfectly fine. 

Any ideas? (I've attached the .mp4 to this discussion question in case that helps.)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gloria,

Thanks for sharing that mp4 so that we could take a look.

I experienced the same behavior when I added this file to my course, so I took a deeper look.

If you adjust the compression settings to none, it works as expected:

My published output is here and your zipped output if you'd like to test in your LMS is here.