MP4 content in embedded web views on iOS11

We are having problems with SL360 courses with a "data:video/mp4" reference that causes an error when running on iOS11. We have 8 courses that have .mp4 and .m4v video formats inserted and only two are able to launch successfully in iOS11's latest upgrade. 

Our tech guys provided this link to explain the issue:

I've attached one of the problem courses. The .m4v video is on screen 1.13. I have the latest 360 updates. Are you aware of any issues and is there a solution?

Is there a preferred video format that is running successfully on iOS11?

Thanks for your help.


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Katie Riggio

Hi, Debbie. Sorry you're hitting that roadblock.

Smart move to also open a case. I see that my teammate, Michael, shared his findings and asked for a few more key details to help us nail down the root.

Be sure to let him know, and I'll follow the case along to share updates as it progresses. We’ll get through this oddity together!