MP4? Exe?

I'm wondering if there's a way to publish that would allow me to have a single file I could give someone that would launch my course. I need to upload outside my LMS ...since we're not single sign on yet. I want people to be able to click a link and launch without passwords. Much like Articulate Tempshare but  that doesn't expire. The content is an explainer two minute video so it could be an MP4

I have a knowledgebase inside my LMS, but I can only upload single files there...and for tempshares, the whole zip files gets put in. And for web publishing, you get a folder in which the  story.html file is part of, but many other files in the folder.

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Walt Hamilton

An .exe file will give you a single point to click and run, but it needs a lot of other files with it. If you were to truly have one file, you would lose all the interaction in your module.

If all you need to publish is the two minute video, you can put that on youtube directly, and not even get SL involved.