MP4 File causing project to crash

Aug 04, 2016

I am building a project which includes an .mp4 video of a GoToMeeting presentation 17.4 mb in size.  The video file loads onto the slide, however, as soon as I try to preview the slide I get message that Storyline 2 has encountered a problem and must close.

Any ideas what might be my problem?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, R.  I hate when those error messages are so vague.  So, let's start simple.  It sounds like this issue is only occurring on the slide with the "offending" mp4 file--if not, you'll want to look at repairing Storyline 2 (also, we released update 10 not long ago, so it'll help also to be on our most current version).  

What if you imported that existing slide into a new project?  Or even, if you opened a new project and inserted the mp4 onto a slide there?  Are you able to insert other mp4 files and preview those slides successfully?

If you'd like to share your .story for us to test, you can use the Add attachment button in your reply or submit it here privately.

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