mp4 file on base layer restarts when layers clicked

I'll start by saying that I cannot share the file because I work for a company with very high security requirements.

Here's the issue:

I have a slide with an embedded mp4 video file on the base layer (no audio, just video). The slide has three shapes which, when clicked, take the user to three separate layers, none of which have audio. When the user closes one of these layers and returns to the base layer, the base layer continues playing from the paused point (desired behavior), but for some reason the mp4 video restarts every time.

I have tried every combination of slide property and slide layer property settings I can think of and this still happens. My current settings are attached as images. 

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Christa Novelli

I think I may have this worked out. I have put a "pause media" trigger on all of the shapes that reveal the layers so the mp4 file pauses when the user clicks them. Fingers crossed - it seems to be working thus far. I'll be doing more testing including publishing the file and testing in the LMS.

Christa Novelli

Thanks, Ashley. This does seem to have worked, except for when the user revisits the slide. When the user hits the previous button and goes back to the slide the mp4 is frozen and not at the end, which is somewhat problematic because the end of the video displays some information that I need them to see.

I've tried changing the slide properties for the "when revisiting" to "Resume saved state" and "Automatically decide" and both do this. Reset to initial state is the only one that kind of works in that it resets the slide to start and the mp4 back to the start. I don't really want to reset the slide when the user revisits, though.

I'm also having the issue of the seekbar not fully working for the mp4 file. When the user drags the seekbar to the right to fast forward, the mp4 does not advance along with it. I am looking at this in preview right now, but I've had this issue in our LMS and in the Articulate review site as well. 

Any further advice is welcome.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christa, 

For the seekbar piece, have you also enabled the video control seekbar? That would separate the slide seekbar and timeline from the video and they'd function separately. 

If you're still having trouble with the video freezing and not playing back as you'd like, I think we'll need to investigate a bit further! With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. 

I’ll delete it when I’m done troubleshooting. 

Christa Novelli

Thanks, Ashley. I'm in the midst of doing some testing with a pilot group and am going to see if any of them run into the issue with the mp4 freezing upon revisit and then decide what more we need to do. I do not have video controls enabled on the video itself and I did put an invisible box over the whole slide to prevent users from pausing the video by clicking on the video itself.