Mp4 file playing on first click?

Hi Everyone,

I'm working with Storyline 360 

In the current module im working on, I have a .Mp4 file in my fourth slide. 

My issue as soon as the learner clicks anywhere on the first slide (whether it be within the slide itself or the built-in next button on the player) the .Mp4 starts playing. 

The video cant be seen at this point but you can hear the audio.

I have also created a brand new story with 2 blank slides, placed the video in slide 2 same thing happens. click the mouse and the audio of the video can be heard.

I have tried:

-Pausing the timeline on slide start resume when button clicked.
-Moving the .Mp4 start along the timeline (2s, 4s, 6s).
-Editing the video within storyline and saving.
-Changing "Play Video:" setting between "automatically", "when clicked" and "when triggered".
-Inserting different video files

anyone have any ideas on a fix?


Thansk in advance! :)

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Kenith. Thanks for letting us know what's happening on your end–I'm really sorry to hear you've come across this obstacle!

First, nice troubleshooting there! 🌟I mocked up a quick test file with some similar steps you took for the retest. The first slide has a text box, and the second one also has a text box and a .mp4 video–with the Play Video option set to When Clicked. I only hear audio on the second slide once I click on the video.

Can you let me know if you notice the same audio issue in my output/setup? Additionally, are you able to share your .story file with me so I can take a closer look at the setup? Here's the link to share it privately. I'll be standing by!