MP4 file will not upload - help please!

When I try to upload an MP4 video, following the usual steps, I get the following error:

"name of video file" does not appear to be a supported video format. Please select a video from one of the supported formats"

But other MP4 files I have do work.

This one is 4GB, larger than others I have uploaded.

So it seems the issue is with the file, but I thought MP4 would be fine? Any advice please?

Thank you




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Lauren Connelly

Hello Caty and Ashleigh!

Yes, there are tons of workarounds listed in the community if you see this error message with an mp4 file. We've found that file size is one of the main factors when this error message appears. If you are still not able to import these videos, we're happy to troubleshoot in a support case! Here's a private upload link where you can share what you're working on with us.