Mp4 files crashing when looped

Hi all,

We have a storyline file going, where we've imported a lot of small Mp4 videos. They work perfectly, when we publish - except from when we add a trigger telling the Mp4's to repeat themselves, when media completes. 

When they are about to complete and repeat, we see a green screen pixelating all over the player. It crashes. Then goes back to normal screen in freeze mode, start up a little and crashes in green again.

Has anyone got a solution? Or tried this before?

Hope you can help!

Best wishes


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Peter Manniche Riber

Hi Emily. Thank you for your reply. We are testing in the intended environment.
We have tried importing into a new file - that unfortunately didn't do it.

I would love to share the file - but it's rather large - 253 MB.
We can always remove the loops - but we're puzzled how this can affect the storyline file like that.. and the loops add value to the project. So we would rather keep them.