MP4 Loading Image?

Nov 12, 2014

Greetings!  I am inserting an MP4 video to play on a slide automatically, but because of loading time, there is a black placeholder rectangle and then the video starts.  In some other tools that I have seen, there is a image placeholder that fades down to the video when it plays.  I can't seem to find a way to do that in Storyline as I don't think that it is a consistent pause every time it loads.

What do people do about this?

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Brent Berheim

Hi Leslie - thank you for your response.  I don't think we are talking about the same thing.  This is during playback that I want to have some sort of image display while the piece loads then fade off to the MP4.  It seems that on some people's computers, it takes a moment or two to load the video, and currently there is just a black square.  In our other media produced with different tools, they have a still shot of the video that "covers" that load time, then fades out when the video starts.

Is that sort of thing a possibility with Storyline?

Leslie McKerchie

I guess that is a bit different then Brent, sorry for misunderstanding.

I am not aware of a functionality that would handle this within Storyline.

I would think this issue is system specific as Storyline preloads published content in a specific order to make playback of your courses as smooth as possible.  Please review this article for more information.

Ben Filla

A bit late, but in case you're still searching for a solution... One possible idea would be to place the video further down the timeline and add some sort of loading image or animation at the beginning of the timeline. We have an embedded YouTube video that takes about 6-10 seconds to load, so we have a "content loading" animation up front so folks know what's up :)

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