MP4 not loading in Storyline

I have an MP4 generated by Snagit.  It is 3.5 MB in size.  At first I couldb't insert it as Storyline processed it for hours without completing the insert.  Eventually I got the file inserted and then when I publish it does the same thing.  It has been running for 24 hours.  Memory for Storyline is sitting at 180 MB and CPU useage is between 2-17%.  Both seem normal,  I have 4GB of computer memory.  However I noticed a process called encoder.exe  It is pegging my CPU to the max.

Is there an issue with processing MP4's?  Are there guidelines of how they should be configured to work with Storyline?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Well, not to knock Techsmith, because I love Snag-It but they have a history of producing "interesting output," especially anything Flash-based.

Wonder if you could try converting it with another tool like this KB article suggests and then try in Storyline?

Don't see a guide for creating MP4 out of Storyline yet.  There is one for Flash but I'm not sure if it would help.

Loic PLE


I've got a similar issue. I included a MP4 video in my .story file, and when I preview, it works perfectly. However, once the file has been published with the HTML5 option,  it does not read my video, while it perfectrly works in flash. Also, it worked once (I do not know why, I repeated exactly the same procedure later, but no way...) and when I tried to upload the zip file to my LMS (Moodle 2.3), I had a mistake (constantly the same, with an error with the server, while once again, no problem with the zip that contained the flash version).

Thus, I had to put online a version of my module that cannot be read on iPad / Android Tablets (since they stopped supporting Flash recently) while this was the main reason why I spent a lot of time redesigning my existing content (previously in Engage) with Storyline. I'm really disappointed and would really need a help! 

Many thanks in advance!

Edit : for info, I also tried to change the quality of the publication, but it did not do anything neither. The only change when I do this is that I see the name of my video when SL starts publishing and it is written "Encoding Name of the video" - but even that does not appear all the time, even when I change the quality settings... ??? 

Bill Harnage

Try changing the video in Storyline; even back to the same video.

Select the video, go into the video editor, click "Change Video", find the same video and re insert/import it.

I've had the encoder.exe stall out w/ videos before and this it what fixed it for me, but your results may vary.  The videos I was importing were from Camtasia.

Peter Anderson

Hi Lionel, 

Looks like Vira is still looking into your case, but I wanted to mention that Mobile Safari can play only one audio or video file at a time. So if you plan to deploy HTML5 content to be viewed on an iPad, take this mobile Safari limitation into consideration when designing your course. This article has more info. 

Gerry Wasiluk

I've also seen a few AVI video files, that work correctly outside of storyline, "lose their audio" when inserted into Storyline.

For that, I usually re-process the video with Format Factory into another AVI or some other format and then bring into Storyline.  All is then well.

(Another bug I need to report. )

Anna Fehr

Lionel Chan said:

My ticket reply was that the Nexus 7 Chrome isn't supported.  Fair enough.. but I'll try as you suggest too!

So Nexus 7 Chrome isn't supported.  In my experience video actually plays on Nexus, but you have to wait a while for it to load. What about other Android tablets, i.e Kindle Fire, Asus Transformer and such, does html5 video play fine on other Androids?

Dougal Mair

My post is probably to late to help other poster's in this thread, but I had the same issue. Then realized that my SnagIT screen-cast was a higher resolution than the Storyline story size. So, I think when you re-size the video to fit it on the slide that Storyline re-encodes the video to cope. So, I went back into SnagIT and re-did the screen-cast with a window size with less horizontal and vertical pixels than the Story size (had to zoom out the view in Excel so I could still captured all the cells in the spreadsheet that I wanted to show), then it worked without any problems.