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I have a client who needs an MP4.  I recorded my storyline project in preview mode using replay so I could get the MP4 recording.  However they think the 2nd course is blurrier than the 1st (probably because the 2nd is 18 min long and the 1st is 4) and they find there are glitches with the audio.  I assume it is bandwidth at that time.  Does anyone have any advice to avoid the glitches and improve the output quality?  I know Storyline is not meant as a flat file (nor does this count as elearning) but you can only remind them of this so many times :)


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Vanessa -- Thanks so much for your question here, and it sounds like what you have described is very similar to this thread over here. As far as improving output quality, I would like to defer to the community members to share any experiences they have had to avoid the glitches you've mentioned. 

If you would like to share an example of your file, you are also welcome to post it here. :)