MP4 video playing on iPad

Aug 18, 2015

Hi there, I wondered if anyone could help? I've got some MP4 videos I've added to Storyline presentations they videos play on a computer and on Android tablet but on an iPad the video doesn't play, no sound but the seekbar moves along the screen. I've tried adding a trigger instead of automatic play but that makes no difference. I also have the Articulate app install on both the iPad and Android devices. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Jenny Crow

Hi Ashley, thanks for getting back to me. Yes I was using the Mobile Safari. I also tested it with the Chrome browser on the iPad, same issue appeared. I've also tested with a couple of different Storyline presentations. I am using the HTML 5 output. I'd be happy to send you the .story file is the a way to send this to you so I'm not posting it to the public?

Jenny Crow

Here is an update on this situation. Now the videos are playing on the iPad. It seems it was something Moodle was blocking. The solution that works for us is that we are publishing the Storyline for the web, then in Moodle making the .html5 file the main file. We understand this means we are not using the SCORM so quiz results are not being tracked etc. This might have limitations for old browsers, but we are willing accept this so it works on the iPad. 

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