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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chantal,

I'm not sure if the other posters in this thread were able to find workarounds for the bugs they were seeing, or if bug reports were filed for us to investigate. 

Are you using the MP4 as well, or a SWF?

If you're using a SWF file, instead of MP4, I did come across a couple that we're working on and wanted to suggest a workaround that we discovered with Captivate 5x. It looks like Captivate 5x content that's imported and set to play "when clicked" displays erratically. If you remove that option and allow the Captivate to play automatically, it can sometimes improve the interaction and functionality of the inserted SWF. 

I'm not finding a lot of information on MP4 issues for Captivate. If it's possible, it might be a good idea to try using a different format for the interaction.

Thanks and good luck with the project!