MP4 Videos making file size huge and impeding saving

I have a client's video which is <24mb. Storyline file prior to inserting 108mg - after inserting 833mb.  If you add up ALL the files in the different published folders - it does not add up to 833mb.  Once it has reached this critical mass - it may stop previewing or allowing me to save as a new name or even save period.  ANY idea why? when I originally received the Storyline file from a different developer company - I couldn't do anything with it at all - I removed all videos - (most of those are under 3mb) - started a new project - pulled the slides in and still corruption issues - removed all everything I thought was a corruption issue - started a new project - pulled the slides in and now I had something to work with.  in putting back the videos at the end once all edits were made worked - until I got to this last one.  BTW as I put in the smaller video - the file size grew exponentially larger with each one as I checked and re-saved as a new name each time - but the last one made it impossible to continue. I went back a few versions and am able to work in, file size back to the 108mb range - and I linked to the video dumping under my website for testing - the client wants the video in the course - so I need a solution and or explanation as to the issue on how Storyline deals with the video when you publish.  Thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger

HI Cynthia,

Thanks for reaching out here - I know our team has previously looked into issues with expanding file sizes in Storyline 2 vs. Storyline 1 with video and a lot of that is based on the ability of being able to use uncompressed video. 

I think to fully take a look at what you've run into we'd want to see the video file and how it behaves when putting into a Storyline file. Are you able to share the video file here with us?