*.mp4 will not play in new browser... or at all

I believe I've tried everything......... except the right thing!  I'm creating a course and I want the learner to click on a button and a webinar that's been converted to an .mp4 will play in a new browser.


This is the file that should work.  It is hosted on our network.

I've tried removing the "file:", adding 'http:' forward slashes and backward slashes


I will also attach the .zip

Not sure what else to try.  Because of the .mp4 file size (1 hour) and I have to create quite a few of these, I don't want to embed the video (although it does work fine that way) and host it on my LMS.

Any help will be appreciated



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Gerry Wasiluk

By hosted on your network, do you mean it is on a file server (or network drive)?

If so, not all file server are also web servers.  You need a web server to deliver content via http.

File servers also usually have permissions so some folks won't be able to access the video because of permissions.  Again, a web server needs to be used.  Doesn't have to a LMS server, just a web server that all your learners can access without permissions.

Although, it would probably be best to download the content and use it directly in Storyline on a slide.

Gerry Wasiluk


If the content is permanent (i.e., it won't be changing), I'd look first to add the content to a slide directly in Storyline.  With a file that big, you may want to take advantage of Storyline's pre-loading.

If you add the video instead, with say, a web object,  you won't get that pre-loading.

You could also using Storyline's basic video editing tools to breaking up the video into smaller chunks if you'd like.  Like you want some content or quizzing or content recap between segments.  You can reuse the same single video and when publishing, Storyline will chop up into individual video files.