Mr David Barnard

Hi all

I am trying to put together a series of slides showing, what appears to be, two identical columns of code. We call it the transcription test and you have to pick out the ones which don't match.

There has to be at least 10 codes on each page to create the 'test like' effect, each correct selection earns a point and there will be 10 slides.

Example if there are 5 correct selections possible but the trainee only selects 4, 3 ,2 or 1, I need the programme to be able to score a point for each correct selection.

I have not been able to find a way of doing this, is it even possible? Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions provided.


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Brian Allen

Hello Dave,

It is definitely possible, but will require you to

  1. Use some custom variables,
  2. Triggers to modify those variables (and give them a value) when one of your items are selected,
  3. This method of bringing your custom variable into a dummy or placeholder question so that you can then....
  4. Submit those values to an LMS via a results slide

I'm making an assumption that you're using a LMS, but even if you're not you probably want a result slide to show your learner(s) their final score, etc.

Hope this helps...  If I had time I would put together a quick mockup, but I believe if you search this community you may be able to find an example or two doing exactly what I've outlined above.


Dave Barnard

HI Bob

Thanks for the offer of help, have already received some help and information, so I am going to try that first.


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