Mulitple Core Processors and RAM

Does Storyline take advantage of multi-core processors (more the 2)? Will it perform better (e.g., publish faster, load faster) if I have a quad core or eight core machine?

I'm also curious what the affect of a large amount of RAM is. If I understand correctly SL is a 32 bit program. Does it benefit from having 16GB of RAM available vs 8GB or 4GB?

If it benefits from both, which makes the biggest difference? More cores or more RAM?

I'd love to hear the experiences of the group regarding this.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

We don't announce release dates for future updates/versions, and I don't have a list of potential or upcoming features to share either. You may want to share your thoughts on things you'd like to see in future versions by sending along a feature request as those go to our product development team for review. 

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