Mulitple results slides in Storyline

Hi all,

I have a Storyline project with 4 different quesiton banks each with a results slide, and a final results slide compiling the data from the question banks results slide into one to report into our LMS.

The learner will only ever complete one of the quizzes in the project and have 2 attempts to pass (pass mark is 100%).

At the moment, assuming the learner has taken two attempts to pass, the final results slide is only giving me the average score of the two attempts the learner has taken.  Is there any way I can set the final results slide toonly pick up the attempt that scored 100%?

I'm not able to share the .story file, a screenshot is below.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael and welcome to Heroes! 

How do you  have this set up to allow the user to have a second attempt? Using the retry quiz button with a variable to only allow them one additional attempt? When using that button have you included the "reset results" trigger that is automatically created with it? 

There is also a good discussion in this thread with a couple examples of how users have set up quizzing in courses where there in branching and a user may only go down one branch.