Multi Choice Quiz and make a decision on the number a an answer


I am putting together a course, and one of the quizzes is a bit complicated, and I am not sure if it is even possible to achieve within Storyline.

The quiz has many questions, each with a multiple of answers, A, B, C and D.

At the end of the quiz we give the user a different response dependent on whether the user has mostly selected A's, B's, C's or D's.

How, if it is possible, would I achieve this in Storyline?

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Michael Hinze

Hi Neil, welcome to the community. You could use custom variables to track how many A's, B's etc. have been selected for each question. On the last slide, you can then show a layer, based on the highest number. See attached file with a quick mockup. You just have to decide what to display if two choices have the same number of 'hits', for example if two A's and two C's have been selected. Hope that gives you some ideas.